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Safer, faster and stable than Firefox and IE. Keep you far away from banking account stolen and virus. Never crash down. Anybody could make and publish browser by customizing MyIE9 for free.

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1. Safer than IE and Firefox. Never allow plugins to auto run, so could keep you far away from banking account stolen and virus.

2. Never breakdown. Open 442 web pages at the same time, and could also watch video.

3. Faster. Just needs 1 second to start. Faster than Firefox and IE when opening large pages.

4. Show all pages normally that IE could do.

5. Hide AD pictures by right click it.

6. Prompt before open the evil website (virus or fake bank sites). The function can be Forbid in Options. Fake Bank of America:

7. No need to type www or .com.

8. No need to open new page. Just type address and enter, new page auto opened.

9. Very convinient for IE6 users' habits. Click the upper right corner button to close the current page. (It can be setted to exit software in Options);

10. Open page in backgroud by drag link down a little and release with left mouse.

11. Many good features: Notepad, right-mouse gestures, block all pop-up window (could specify excepts), filter specified flying AD...

12. 30 skins can be changed at any time;

13. Favorites never lost. (which can be changed to any location in the Options)

14. You do not need to concern about the upgrade. The software will automatically upgrade to the most stable version silently. (which can be forbidden.)

15. Free forever.

16. Anybody could make and publish browser by customising MyIE9 for free. Set the default search engine, etc.

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