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Our MyIE company respects your privacy,
If you continue to use this product, you agree to the following user agreement and privacy policy:

User agreementPrivacy policy

List the instructions for the use of mobile phone permissions one by one

Component service provider light particle statistics service privacy protocol

Objective: to count the total number of users. Scope of use: the software is in use during the whole period of opening
Personal information security complaints and reporting channels
Click me to send an email to our company: . Contact person: Mr. Guo (please contact me if you delete your account)
Company name: Beijing ant Jiujiu browser technology development center/Beijing Xian Ru Co., Ltd
Address: No.14, Guanyuan, Changping Town, Beijing
Software license agreement
Q & A:
Q: where can I see this agreement again?
A: on the bottom tab of the app, "My."

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